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I was sitting on the sofa and picked up one of our favourite wedding photos from the bookcase. I just stared at it and reminisced. That was the first and I picked it up and put it in a little box. When Sam told friends what had happened, one said the feather had come from Leo, while another thought it may have been sent by her guardian angel. Over the following months she found feathers everywhere she went including on her bedside table, in her car and on her leg. I took it as a sign that I had made the right decision. Again I saw them as a message from my husband telling me I had done the right thing.

Sam started reading more and more stories like hers online and, having always loved to write, she used her own experience as inspiration for her debut novel Black To White. A friend of mine who had self-published and was doing quite well recommended I do the same. A lot of widows have read my book and written to me which is lovely. She described him perfectly, as if he was standing right in front of her. The kids all get one or two clothespins pinned on to the back of their shirt or coat.

We were wearing coats since it has been pretty chilly here this week. Then continue on like that. The first to get all of the clothespins wins! One adjustment I would make. These big feathers did not stay on the clothespins very well when the kids started getting rough. I think they would be a little more durable and stay on better!

You could even cut feathers out of felt. They had lots of fun. I think it would be even better with a big group. Want some more Thanksgiving Fun? Save Save. I love this game idea! So cute!! Or do they clip it onto themselves? This game sounds fun. Took my jacket off cause it was hot and when it got cold again. Could this mean anything. Can this mean anything. As I was reading this post I saw another white feather in eye sight in the garden so thank you to my 2 angles for being there for me x.

Thank you. Ok so i have been a huge skeptic about this. However i recently lost my nan who i was very close to. Only three weeks ago so its still pretty raw. So I decided to go on an autumn walk this weekend as the sun was shining and the trees look amazingly beautiful this time of year. No sooner had i begun walking on the path, when a gust of wind blew a pure white feather up into the air right in front of my face. Just a feather I thought…but it just made me have a small wave of euphoria, almost as if a 6th sense was activated. A small smile appeared on my face and I just felt that everything is going to be ok in life.

No matter what you face, you are loved by something higher. I know it was my nan giving me a sign, as im a worrier as she knew. Im sure this was her way of saying im ok and you dont need to worry. Since then I have seen a few white feathers. Im an outdoorsman and I honestly have never seen so many in my life! I never see them so prominent and obvious.

I believe there is something beyond death, everyone who has had these experiences can relate to my story. You are all loved and your relatives who have passed continue to love and guide you. Love light and blessings. My son has just died age On 16th of October He was beaten up about month ago by his girlfriends ex husband had his nose fractured and bad bruising. He suffered for years with mental health and blood clots which the hospital was supposed to be a treating.

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He was was staying at my house on settee. I sat next to him playing stupid games on I pad.. I pulled back cover therehe was no clothes on sick down his mouth and nose funny colour and stiff as a board. We have now got to wait for Coroners report as there was no telling. But it could of been his blood clots. He told Sarah on phone his legs were hurting like never before that he was scared and he wanted to be with grandad.

He also said he was going to die before us. I wento. Night in garden and sat down there on the floor was a white feather and my cat started playing with it. When I went back inside I picked up the tablet and I am. Could this also be a sign. I nearly lost him at birth he was only3lb 6oz born and was on my 21st birthday 27th of November. I am still hurting from my mom who died in May and my auntie was days later.

Take care everyone and god bless love Tina Kemp xxx. My so much has been happening in my life and God has been answering my prayers loved ones have passed and I miss them dearly I been put in situations that have hurt my heart God pulls me through.. I am 54 and I have to get 2 operations at one time seeing this white feather in the grill of my car has warmed my heart. Thank you God and my Angels. Love You! My beautiful, kind and caring Mum passed away earlier this week after after a battle against that horrible disease, cancer.

When she was diagnosed 2and half years ago it was already stage 4 lung cancer which had spread to the liver and spine. It was a difficult time and we all decided that the best thing we can do as a family is remain positive and be grateful for every day we have. She remained positive and strong all the way through, until the end. My mum was nearing the end of her life. She was very elderly and often spoke very matter of factly of her death. In jest, asked her to send me a sign from the other side if there is an afterlife.

We laughed about it. She said she would. Then she said that it would be a feather. She passed away a few months ago. A couple of days after Mum died i went for a walk and within a few minutes of leaving home there was a bright cobalt blue wet feather in my path. Today as i left home there was a wet white feather at my gate.

Then 2 more this evening in a shop doorway as i left a shop to return home. There are many birds. They lose feathers in the same way we lose hair. Feathers are easily caught by the wind. I am a realist but since seeing the blue feather i feel happy when I find feathers, find a coin, see a flash of light or smell a scent that reminds me of Mum. My Mum died suddenly 5 years ago, I live miles away. This month I was back there and while walking past one of her favourite shops a white feather floated down in front of me.

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She was only She gave me the best years of my life in so many ways. Shortly after Her death I began to see white feathers in my path. We have been in communication through dreams and other ways including the feather. She was a pianist and I found a good home for Her piano and the person who has Her piano now encountered white feathers twice so far. Others have also.

He was estranged from his family. Leading up to his death, I had spent a lot of time with him supporting with health appointments etc.. Now, I have a fear of driving with my car window fully opened as I am always frightened of things flying in the car and hit my face.

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So that day it was particularly warm and I opened the car window just a tiny bit. Whilst negotiating a roundabout, this beautriful small fluffy white feather came meandering in the car and landed on my right thigh. My very first thought was that Jimmy is here saying thank you for eveything. I have kept this feather to this day and it is safely stored in a pouch tucked away on my sun visor in the car. I now have another job and travel all over the country and I take comfort knowing that someone is watching over me. How strange, last week I was feeling so low and dreaming about my sis recently deceased, I also dreamed of my mum.

I always asked for a sign. I needed help. Yesterday I was playing outside in my back yard with one of my dogs with a ball. Then one of my other dogs came outside and started watching me play with my other dog. I stopped playing with the other dog and I said hello to my other dog. The dog smiled at me and then she went back inside the house. Then I noticed that there were at least a half a dozen white feathers all over the grass in the area where I was playing with my other dog. I started picking them up and then I saw at least one white feather float down from the sky.

I looked up to the sky and I thought I might have seen a funny shape I also saw black birds flying in the sky. Then today when I went outside I saw one white feather that had been stuck on to door of one of the sheads in my back yard. I always wondered if it meant something and now I know. It has to be my grandpa who I was very close with or one of my buddies who passed away from cancer a couple years back.

This really got to me emotionally. This makes so much sense because yesterday I found a sense of peace in me and have been looking for a sign from the angels. Today I woke up anxious and as I was outside I saw a feather from the corner of my eye and ignored it, but something caused that feather to float around me and I realized that it was something communicating with me. So I looked it up and it happened to be a sign from the angels, confirming they are here to help me.

I have great gratitude and solitude for this confirmed prayer.

I do need to relax because I have been so stressed and unhappy, but having my prayers being answered just helped so much. Thank you angels. Thank You. I lost my beloved pet a few days ago and I was just in my backyard crying and thinking of her and I felt her presence and out of nowhere a beautiful pure white feather flew right up to my feet. Thanks Daddy. What if the person in your dream is alive? In my dream he was on passenger side looking at me. Waving a white feather at me. I caught one words he said to me together. Thank you for this article. I had to put my beautiful Labrador to sleep yesterday.

He was 10 and had widespread cancer. I miss him SO much. I got up at 4am this morning and as it got lighter I noticed 4 or 5 beautiful white feathers on the bonnet of my car. I trust this was a sign that my beautiful boy is now at peace. I recently lost my beloved pet Parker.

Parker was a human as a dog could be. He was my buddy and went everywhere with me. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in late February and with two weeks he was gone. Parker was only 8 years old but he gave me the best 8 years of my life. When he left he took a part of my heart. I know people think loving a pet so much is silly, but love from a pet is unconditional. I was at the bus stop the other day and it started to drizzle I looked up and this was this tiny white feather floating down in front of me and landed at my feet.

Then the other day I was sitting on the beach feeling down. I had been on the boardwalk and saw other people walking their dogs and it made me really miss Parker. As I was sitting on the beach later that day I small white feather came flying by me and landed right in front of me. I pointed this out to my boyfriend who was sitting next to me and he said it was just a feather from the seagulls, but I know it was my Parker saying hello to me. I am a great believer in angels so I knew instantly that they were there to support me and tell me everything will be ok.

My dad is almost 81 years old and needs two knee replacements. He was calling to tell me that he had received a date for the pre-op and the operation which is this month. I have been worried about him going through that operation at his age but now I know the angels will protect him and carry us all through this. My husband of 33 years passed away with a stroke last month. I am terribly grieved and miss him so much!! Infact our anniversary was just 2 days ago. The lonliness of not having him around is unbearable to me.

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Nights and mornings the tears come easily. Whenever I go grocery shopping, I dread coming home to an empty house or not seeing his jeep parked in the driveway. One day while dusting the library bookshelf, I discovered one little tiny white feather. Hmm, I thought, where did this come from? I decided to save it and put it in a box because I had heard that white feathers are supposed to be a supernatural comfort from heaven and never dreamed I would see one myself!!.

Then yesterday afternoon when bringing in my groceries, I saw a single white feather on the back step.. I took this feather and also put it in the box along with the first one I saw.. Then this morning while watering my flower pots, I saw another white feather inside my pot. Then a little later when backing the car out of the garage, I saw another white feather floating over the car and jumped out to try and catch it but it got away from me.

Could this be more than a coincidence? That was a total of 4 white feathers that I have seen in just the last few days. I have been through the ringer in my life! My dad died 10 years ago.. He was drinking and driving! My addiction! This month I make 19 months clean and sober! Well, tonight as I sit in my living room…right before bed.. His birthday is Friday! So I guess this was his way of telling me.. Thanks for this!! Did not know if a white feather meant til now!! I fell pregnant during June and was due 27th February , it just so happens I gave birth to my little boy Finley on the day that my grandad passed away.

Then on Both from lung cancer from smoking. At 10pm, she went into cardiac arrest, was taken to the hospital, I got the call from my grandson, at AM she was on life support and was gone, they would wait for me to get there! I never got to say goodbye. The loss of a child has been my worse nightmare! I went back to the church in July of , and have not missed 1 Sunday since then.

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This pain has been so hard. I have been told that my dtr would send me a sign. I kept watching but have not seen one. Today at church, fathers day, her dads day, my grandsons bday, and also father day for him, my heart was so broken.