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They ran a full size bus for just 6 passengers to get us from FRA to the boat. That was unexpected but appreciated. Hendrik, cruise director, was knowledgeable , funny and very well spoken. Two of the port calls he hadn't done before and there were minor glitches but most of the passengers just went with the flow. Several couples celebrating 50the wedding anniversaries and more than a few cochlear implants, hearing aids, walking sticks and canes. There were also a few couples in their 30s and 40s. The staff works hard, cleaning the rooms, removing trash, bringing on new supplies.

They were all polite, friendly and accommodating. Moselle river was recommended as a great itinerary so I'll think about that next. Danube has challenges when the rain isn't sufficient to keep the water levels up. We had been on large cruise ships before and wanted to try a smaller, river cruise. This cruise did not disappoint. The staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable. The ship was just the right size so you didn't get lost trying to The ship was just the right size so you didn't get lost trying to find things. They "no specific seating" at meals was great for getting to meet a lot of people.

The food was delicious and dining room staff top-notch!

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There weren't a lot of activities on the ship so people were more inclined to get off and explore the country -- perfect! The excursions were also perfect even when the guides were sometimes not. Only downfall I can think of was the embarkation procedures. We arrived very early on the first day of our cruise to find we would not be able to take possession of our cabin until later that afternoon they were still disembarking guests from the previous cruise and had to clean the rooms. This was very unfortunate for those of us who had been flying all night and just needed to rest. The day was spent with all the new guests stretched out on couches and chairs in the lounge.

Then, when it was time to get our rooms, it was mass confusion as the reception staff tried to get keys to everyone and the other members of the staff were hauling bags to the rooms. Not a great start. Things definitely picked up from there though and we had a wonderful time.

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The cruise director was very helpful in finding us whatever we needed. All-in-all a fabulous trip -- and something we can't wait to do again! Thank you Avalon Waterways! Amazing Avalon. My husband chose this cruise line based on the active excursions offered and reviews offered about the cruise line. This was our first River Cruise and so we really didn't know what to expect. We arrived several days early, stayed We arrived several days early, stayed with family and adjusted to the time change before ever boarding the ship.

If possible, I highly recommend arriving early so on your very first day, you're ready to get the most of the first day of the cruise! The intimacy provided with the passenger ship was wonderful and we got to visit with some really nice people from all over the map. The food was amazing and even though I was on a low carb diet at the time, I had no trouble finding delicious food at all 3 meals.

I actually lost 3 lbs. Absolutely loved and took advantage of the tea time and then the cocktail hour before the wonderful dinner. I can't say enough about the dining, superb! The service, both in the dining room and our room service, were exceptional.

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All of the crew that served us were very friendly and very professional. Most of our excursions were either walking or biking, so we really enjoyed that aspect. We also borrowed the on board bikes a couple of times just to ride into the towns and check them out before the excursion. There were several cities I wish we could have explored longer, but there was a lot of ground to cover in only 1 week! Our cruise director Hendrick was absolutely amazing.

He was very experienced and helpful to all of the passengers!! We're already planning our next River Cruise and it will most certainly be with Avalon!! Janet R. Our wonderful Rhine River cruise. We travelled with two other couples, one of whom was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The ship, staff and food were all amazing!

All of the extra tours were terrific as well as the ones that were included with the cruise. So much to see and do, just breathtaking. It didn't really have anything to offer or to go see when every other docking city was so beautiful and had so much. I encourage everyone to sign up for all or as many as you can of the optional excursions. Every single one is worth it and is a life time experience. I should add that the food was outstanding!

I think everyone of us gained at least 5 pounds, but so worth it and so delicious. This cruise is a once in a life time experience. The sites, history and the ship and staff are all amazing. We all loved our time spent with Avalon. On the Rhine. We chose this cruise because of the route, the tag on days in Lucerne and the size of the ship.

We also went with Avalon because of all the positive reviews. This was our first river cruise, of hopefully several others. This route took in This route took in a little of many things we wanted to see and do. Everything was seamless, beginning with arriving at the Zurich airport. Our Cruise Director, Brigitta, met us with a warm welcome and as far as we are concerned, it will be a very difficult time for anyone to top the excellent and professional service she provided. Since this was a comparatively small ship, she not only knew everyone but also was able to accommodate any special needs or arrangements almost intuitively.

The rest of the crew and staff- fantastic! The rooms and beds were comfortable and very clean.

Avalon Felicity Cruise Reviews

The food? In a class by itself. The land excursions were well planned and extremely interesting and the transportation went smoothly. Even though the river was low, the Felicity was small enough we didn't need to be transported or change ships. Everyone was extremely accommodating when my husband had a mishap that sidelined him for a bit. For our maiden river cruise, our expectations were exceeded by the level of service provided by Avalon.

Highly recommend the line. Cdeecken 1 Review Written. Excursions were excellent and just enough. My travel agent suggested the Rhine as our first River Cruise. Transportatin was waiting for us when we landed to take us to our hotel. The hotels picked by Avalon were beautiful, clean and people. Dry friendly The ship was a Dry friendly The ship was a perfect size, staff was very friendly and helpful and the food was excellent. Jerry who entertained us after dinner was enjoyable. Great dancing music. Love the entertainment they brought on the ship at certain ports that were local people at places we stopped.

Getting on and off the ship was very organized and structured. Additional excursions were reasonable if you chose to participate. The tour companies who took us on our excursions were great, funny and very informative. Our cabin was very comfortable. Rooms were cleaned by the time we got back from breakfast. Service was fantastic.

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I would definitely take another River Cruise and for sure use Avalon Waterways. Matanuska Maid 1 Review Written. Simply the Best. My husband and I knew where we wanted to cruise for our anniversary so we simply researched reviews on several companies that offered cruises on the Rhine River in Germany.

Avalon won out and we were well pleased with our choice. Our suite with a French balcony was perfect. Plenty of room to move around in the room and bathroom. Our bed was very comfortable as well. They were able to adjust the bed to my liking—from firm to soft. Anca, our housekeeper, made sure our suite was always clean and orderly and our cruise director, Andre sp?

He got to know us well enough to even give us great dining recommendations for our continued trips to Wien and Salzburg. I was delighted to see that they offered modified walking tours that accommodated my slower walking pace. We met so many interesting people both on the cruise and in the towns that we visited. This truly was one of our most enjoyable cruises. Sail Date: August The reviewer right before me summarized the trip and the issue with the ship and the Rhine being so low we had to switch ships.

The crew including the chef were amazing. I was shocked how good the food was. The tour guides were totally The tour guides were totally professional and licensed, apparently, so the standard was high. We met a lot of people from different places in the world. There was open seating at dinner which was an opportunity to meet people. There were several families there, all adults. There were no children there and probably no one under The outings were rigorous,maybe it felt that way because it was so hot out. I bowed out of several of the afternoon cruises because I wanted to chill.

I read 3 books on the cruise. I would definitely go on another cruise with Avalon to somewhere else. I was glad I was only on for a week. It was enough for me. We ended up in Amsterdam and spent 2 days there on our own, which was fun. Despite the fact that we had to change ships low water on the Rhine everything was more than we had expected. The service was excellent, on the first ship, mainly due to an excellent tour director, Andrea. He and Patrick, the He and Patrick, the restaurant manager, provide personalized service and very friendly staff.

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Either we were spoiled on the first ship or the staff on the second ship did not appear to be as friendly, especially the bartender. Regardless, we had a great time and everything was more than we expected. The suite had ample space and plenty of storage. The idea of not having to unpack and pack, other than the low water situation, was very appealing to our whole group, seven of us.

The meals were varied and of high quality. If there was nothing on the menu that suited, they always had regular standby items like chicken and steak. The wine was free flowing: maybe too free flowing. I would highly recommend Avalon Tours. And, we are planning our next trip. Rhine River Cruise. My wife and I wanted to do a river cruise as we have friends who had been on numerous cruises and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences! Along with two other couples, we contacted our agent at AAA, and she was so helpful in planning our And how many marriage vows turn a reference to a serial killer into a heartfelt and moving expression of love and joy?

Lance Sweets, thus preventing his return to the show. His legacy, however, reverberates through the season, and nowhere more powerfully than this episode. As they admit, they might not have gotten together if not for him. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in Bones. The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a ruthless divorce lawyer who made several enemies in the past. Meanwhile, Brennan tries to get back into her old routine after being on the run for three months, and tensions mount between her and Booth due to their separation.

Jonathan Collier. When the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a man in an explosion, they find that the victim has a twin, complicating the investigation. Meanwhile, Booth is taken off field duty to work on getting the department's budget approved, possibly leading to a promotion. Dwight Little. The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Jared Drew, an animal expo employee, and in the course of their investigation into his death, they enter the world of illegal animal trafficking.

Meanwhile, Brennan thinks she would make an excellent presidential candidate, and Sweets and Daisy take on a big change in their relationship. The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a woman whose body was found mutilated and discarded in a city garbage can. Meanwhile, Booth invites Sweets to stay with Brennan and him while Sweets searches for a new apartment, and Angela questions why she is using her artistic talent reconstructing the faces of dead people instead of following her passion. After being inspired by basketball coach Phil Jackson , Brennan calls together the interns for a team building exercise to identify bones at the Jeffersonian that have remained unidentified for years.

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  8. They soon discover the remains of one unidentified man who was found near the Pentagon days after the September 11 attacks. All of the Jeffersonian forensic team come together to help solve the case. When Booth realizes that the victim was a fellow Gulf War veteran who had become homeless and was thought to have gone missing, he is determined to find the identity of the victim and bring the family some closure.

    Back at the lab, Angela and Hodgins discover Cam has been keeping a secret, a romance with a special someone. A street artist, who is covertly plastering his art on a billboard, falls and lands directly into his own glue — and into human remains. So the team must not only figure out the identity of the remains, but must also find a strategic way to remove the part of the corpse that is still glued to the street artist. This episode is told and filmed from the point of view of the deceased victim. Everyone at the Jeffersonian begins wondering about life and death when the remains of a year-old boy are found in a greenhouse.

    Angela calls upon Avalon Harmonia Cyndi Lauper when she believes that Avalon could help find out who murdered the young boy but, when Avalon arrives, everyone believes that she shouldn't be there; she later returns saying that she believes he's sad. Avalon finds that the young boy was set to have a good future, and she vows to help him make the journey to the afterlife.

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    Brennan begins to worry about Booth when he continues to believe the murderer is Colin's father. Brennan brings Colin home in hopes of finding something to solve the case. The team finds that Colin's death was an accident, after he was riding on the hood of a car, and his friends decided not to tell and, instead, hide the body. The team, with Avalon, play a video Colin made for the girl he loved. Booth and Brennan go undercover at a ballroom dancing competition when a contestant is found murdered, with jewels stuck to the body's bones. At the Jeffersonian, Hodgins and Wendell have difficulty removing the crystals from the bones, while Angela questions her career, hoping to revive her past as an artist.

    Jeannot Szwarc. Brennan and the team work on unraveling an archaeologist who seems to have been spun into a cocoon around a tree branch. He wrote novels on sensational topics and sold the items pertaining to the topic of his books for a price. Brennan and Edison compete on who will get to analyze bones that seem to indicate that they could be the victims of the world's first hate crime. Meanwhile, Brennan decides to curb her bad habits for the fear that her daughter Christine will inherit them.

    Hodgins and Angela wake up to find a corpse in their bedroom, after being drugged. The personal attack on the team and Egyptian flower petals near their son makes them believe that Pelant is back. Despite Hodgins' desire to hunt Pelant down immediately and directly, Booth calls a closed-doors investigation and places the Jeffersonian on lock-down while the team is forced to use analog technology and not computers, to avoid being hacked by Pelant, as they try to figure out Pelant's next move.

    Booth and the FBI eventually catch Pelant, but he is able to escape, although he is wounded by a gunshot from Booth. Before the FBI gets to him, Pelant manages to hack and take control of a MQ-9 aimed at a school full of children in Afghanistan and hacks into all of Hodgins' bank accounts, forcing Hodgins to choose between his fortune or the schoolchildren. Pelant is later seen sewing his own wounds, having sustained serious wounds to his face and right eye from Booth's shot, at a vet clinic with a dead body nearby.

    Booth and Brennan investigate two corpses found at the same burial site. The identifications reveal one was a terminal cancer patient and the other her doula , hired to help her process her diagnosis and the end of her life. The case causes Booth and Brennan to confront their individual and very different after-death arrangements. Back at the lab, Daisy returns to work her first case since her break-up with Sweets. Tawnia McKiernan. Angela goes undercover as a roller derby skater after one of the skaters is found dismembered. Meanwhile, Booth secretly does charity work for children with Neurofibromatosis NF , and Wendell celebrates his 29th birthday.

    Dave Thomas.